I am a Funeral Director, who do I contact regarding the opening and closing of a grave?
Please contact the Association President regarding grave openings and burials. Contact information can be found on the Association page.

Can I purchase a plot or are spaces available to the public?
Spaces are not purchased, but are reserved by families with burial eligibility. A right to burial is open exclusively to anyone who has a blood lineage to an immediate family member buried in the cemetery. Immediate family is defined as a spouse, parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, or sibling.

Is there a cost/fee for burial?
Yes, fees of $250 should be collected by the funeral director and mailed to our Post Office Box. This includes our mandatory interment fee of $100 and refundable marker fee of $150. Once a grave marker has been placed, the marker fee ($150) is eligible for refund.

Who provides the grave marker?
The decedent’s family is responsible for providing a grave marker within twelve (12) months of burial. If you have placed a grave marker and would like to request a refund of the marker fee, please email us.

Where can I send donations or interment fees?
Post Office Box 341, Hurst, Texas 76053

Where can I get a copy of the Association By Laws?
A link to download the Association By Laws is posted on the Association page.

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